When was the last time you felt truly relaxed?


What if you could really relax in less than 10 mins?!


What if you could clear your mind

and feel fully recharged at the same time?

Sound too good to be true??  It's not.


That’s what the Theraphi technology is designed to do:

by switching your body from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) response,

to parasympathetic nervous system

(relax, repair & digest) response in 5-10 mins.


It's also designed to recharge your cells, focus your mind, and help alleviate pain & inflammation.


Experience deep relaxation, alleviate pain,

rejuvenate & recharge your body and mind.

  • Significantly reduce stress and realise deep calm.

  • Improve mindfulness, concentration, focus & meditation.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Enhance healing and boost your immune system.

  • Enhance cell regeneration and metabolism.

  • Switch your body from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system response.

  • Recharge your cells to optimum healthy voltage.

  • Structure water for improved hydration

  • Enhance bioactive fields (for your own body, and even for plant growth)

Better than

a massage

The Theraphi system really helps both mind and body relax. Your thoughts, your breathing, your heart-rate, all your body rhythms - switch from a stressed state to a relaxed state.

Most people have heard of the “fight or flight” response, the way in which the body reacts to stress or danger. Many, however, have never heard of the “rest, repair and digest” response. This system activates the more tranquil functions of the body; those that help maintain a healthy, long-term balance.


The Theraphi helps you deeply relax by switching your body from fight or flight to rest, repair & digest response

in less than 10 mins!


The sympathetic nervous system evolved to protect us from real physical dangers like dangerous animals or a threatening person. However, it can also be triggered by the ordinary stressors we face on a daily basis such as: work deadlines, phones ringing and simply being pulled in too many directions.

The less time we spend in the sympathetic response mode,

the better.


Although it makes us alert and better able to respond to the challenges ahead, it takes a huge toll on our bodies after a while and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Many diseases and illnesses have been shown to stem from chronic stress. Cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and immune system suppression are classic symptoms. Other symptoms include constipation and digestive issues, cold sores, jitteriness, sweats and anxiety.


Anything we can do to keep ourselves in the “rest, repair and digest” mode as much as possible is worth the effort, since our long-term health may depend on it.


You can activate your parasympathetic nervous system by hanging out with friends, doing some light exercise, or even just getting out into nature. Others find that techniques like yoga, deep breathing, meditation or massage help.

The Theraphi system quickly helps you really relax, when you really need it. It can even significantly improve your yoga, mindfulness 

and meditation practices.


The groundbreaking Theraphi is an electronic plasma device, primarily used for deep relaxation, alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and boosting energy levels. 


Based on similar principles behind HeartMath Institute,

it resonates your heart rate, breathing and brainwave frequencies to deep calm states resulting in a profound sense of peace and even bliss in some cases.

It really is the best of health and longevity science combined together in one technology.


Find out more details of how Theraphi can benefit you, as well as increase hydrogen content and structure of water, and enhance plant growth:



The main result for me after 2 weeks has been deep peace. I was focusing on stress reduction and have definitely achieved that - beyond what I could imagine. Most sessions for me result in a kind of zen-like bliss/peace. I've had one session where I experienced ecstatic bliss. Looking forward to another one.

- Claire Janisch


I have been doing Theraphi sessions for 3 weeks and I have witnessed the fastest cell renewal rate ever seen. I work with alpha and beta hydroxic peels and the Theraphi exceeds that by far.

- J. Conradie, Knysna


 I have no symptoms anymore. My pelvis has no more discomfort - it also feels more stable - almost as if an incorrect motor pattern has been changed. My energy levels are much better. Ears and sinuses are clearer. Stress is more manageable.

- Dr. Siobhan Wilcox


The best way to understand the profound effects of Theraphi is to experience it yourself.

Book an appointment at one of the many centres across South Africa, including Swaziland.

Or contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Theraphi.

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