The Theraphi is intended for general vitality, and specifically for:

  • Stress reduction, relaxation, and activating the parasympathetic nervous system 

  • Focused mind, improved meditation

  • Boosting energy levels & increasing metabolism

  • Reducing pain and inflammation 

  • Enhancing healing processes

  • General health and wellness 

  • Boosting immune system 

  • Cell regeneration and longevity

A short session of even 3-10 minutes can be a powerful experience, including:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Feeling energized after the session

  • Increased sensation in numb areas

  • Improved circulation

  • Deep meditation and achieving alpha to theta brainwave frequencies

  • Increased mental acuity

  • Significant reducation in pain and inflammation


The Theraphi system can also be used to structure water for improved hydration. This water can be used for drinking or for agriculture.


Treating seeds prior to planting can also have significant results in terms of enhanced plant growth. Experiments conducted with similarly plasma activated water in the Netherlands are explained in the TEDxArnhem video on the How it Works page of this website.


Initial experiments done locally with growing vegetables the Theraphi also indicate beneficial results.  Three sets of seeds were planted of each different kind of seed. One set was control - organic seeds watered as usual. The other set was organic seeds watered with Theraphi'd water. The third set is organic Theraphi'd seeds watered with normal water. (Note this is all spring water). The results are described below.


In each case the control seeds sprouted last, the Theraphi'd seeds/water ones sprouted a few days in advance. In each case after two weeks the Theraphi'd ones are ahead in growth.


All sets of seeds showed similar results as per the photograph of the sunflower sprouts on the left. The left of Theraphi'd seed is tallest growth. The right  of Theraphi'd water is next tallest. The middles is the control.


The difference is most notable in sugarbeans. Note how small the sugarbean shoot is on the control one on the left, compared to the height of growth for the theraphi'd ones on the right. Also big difference in how long it takes for carrot seeds to germinate. Theraphi water on left and theraphi seeds on right and control in middle. Sunflowers also respond brilliantly to being theraphi'd.


Sunflowers have been transplanted to vegetable garden. Below left image: Theraphi seeds and watered sugarbeans are ready to transplant. Control sugarbeans still sprouting. Below right image: For carrots - the Theraphi seeds (in left tray) and Theraphi water (middle tray) are doing well. Control carrots (in right tray) still waiting to sprout. Some weeds sprouting in control tray first.

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