The efficacy of electromagnetic wave therapy has been well documented for over 60 years. History tells us through countless experiments and case histories that the right mixture of signature frequencies can effect the human body’s responses to viruses, parasites, immune deficiencies, increases in metabolism, heart rate variability, reduction of inflammation, treatment of degenerative diseases and natural pain relief. It has a broad spectrum of frequencies useful for a variety of aliments.

The inspiration for creating the Theraphi is over 100 years of pioneering efforts by Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife, and especially Antoine Prioré. The primary difference is that the PRINCIPLE of how the Priore device worked (unknown at the time), is now understood and applied effectively in the Theraphi system. That principle is broad spectral phase conjugation: the Origin of Biologic Negentropy by Dan Winter. This new Implosion Physics specifically predicts precisely all the frequencies and phase relationships used in the TheraPhi. 


Tesla’s contribution in the late 1890’s was profound. He hypothesized that electronic waves produced by lightning discharges could have significant benefits for human health. He developed the Tesla-coil and “magnifying transmitter” to excite the atmosphere into producing the unique energy structure of natural lightning; and, part showman, Tesla often engaged in sensational personal demonstrations of electrical phenomena to illustrate his ability to harness its energy safely. In a more advanced and important refinement, Tesla constructed an impulse-stimulated magnifying coil system with an elliptically shaped output terminal to selectively generate negative ions, which he determined to be best suited for electrotherapy.

Tesla maintained that these blue light streams and radio frequency (RF) electronic wave therapy in general could, in principle, make it possible to minimise ageing and disease. In 1932, Tesla’s noninvasive electrotherapy was publicly acclaimed before the American Congress of Physical Therapy. At a 1932 New York City seminar, Dr. Gustave Kolischer announced: “Tesla’s high-frequency electrical currents are bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery.”

In 1893, Nikola Tesla described in a magazine article the remarkable effects upon himself and his assistants resulting from their exposure to the action of alternating currents of exceedingly high voltage and frequency during some research work. He prophesied that when electrical oscillations were fully understood and applied by physicians that a universal healing agent - one which would so increase the vital energy and resistive reaction of the human body as to enable it to throw off all disease. The high frequency currents, in short, act as vitality boosters - no other form of electricity will do this. Galvanism, Faradism, Static electricity are all valuable agents in the hands of the Electrotherapeutic specialist, but have little direct action in promoting cell vitality and growth, as do the high-frequency currents when properly applied.



A decade or so later Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian physicist living in France, employed Tesla-coil electrotherapy in successful treatments of plants and patients with cancers. With some assistance from Tesla’s publications, Lakhovsky designed and manufactured his own multi-wave ‘Tesla coils” and, by 1925, wrote one of the first books on this subject: “The Secret of Life”. Its third edition cites numerous case studies in Italian, French, English and American hospitals. We highly recommend you read this book..


Not long after this, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a research physician at the University of California at Riverside in the 1930’s, took up the clinical torch. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist and a hero in our time. Rife was a San Diego scientist who during the 1930s, invented a powerful optical microscope in order to be able to see living bacteria, viruses and fungi (pathogens) that he suspected to be causing a range of illnesses. He found he could see the individual pathogens better by illuminating them with a light frequency that matched their own resonance frequency and causing them to glow. When he intensified the frequencies, he observed the pathogens either bursting or going inanimate. This led him to create an RF driven tube 'beam ray' device that could weaken or destroy various pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.

Claims by Lakhovsky and others of astounding medical cures attributable to Tesla’s noninvasive electrotherapy intrigued Rife. As a physician and scientist, Rife reasoned that specific disease pathogens could be identified by their unique resonant response to a variable-wavelength light source. To test this thesis, he invented a device he called the “Universal Microscope,” which itself provided insight as to the central role of the light spectrum of electromagnetic energy in living tissues and disease. He used this device to conduct microscopic studies of a patient’s living blood and or diseased tissue cultures, before and after treatment. The 1944 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution published a brief description of how Rife’s Universal Microscope worked:

Between the source of light and the specimen are subtended two circular, wedge-shaped, block crystal quartz prisms for the purpose of polarizing the light passing through the specimen, polarization being the practical application of the theory that light waves vibrate in all planes perpendicular to the direction in which they are propagated. ...Now, when the portion of the spectrum is reached in which both the organism and the color band vibrate in exact accord, one with the other, a definite characteristic spectrum is emitted by the organism. ...The virus of the Bacillus thypous is always turquoise blue, the Bacillus coil always mahogany colored, the Mycobacterium laprae always a ruby shade, the filter-passing form or virus of tuberculosis is always emerald green, the virus of cancer a purplish red, and so on.


The first clinical work demonstrating the efficacy of Rife’s system in the treatment of cancer was completed under the supervision of Milbank Johnson, M.D., which was setup under a special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. 16 cases were treated at the clinic for many types of malignancy. After 3 months, 14 of these so-called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and Dr. Alvin G. Foord M.D. Pathologist for the group. In the 1950s his work was totally suppressed by pressures arising from the growing pharmaceutical industry and their ties to the FDA. He died in 1971, penniless and embittered by the failure of his devices to garner scientific acceptance.


In the 1960's and 1970's in France, Antoine Priore built and tested Electromagnetic (EM) healing machines of startling effectiveness. In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, Priore's machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal diseases known today. Enormous experimental evidence has been gathered to support the claim that EM therapy has a positive effect towards many diseases including cancer, leukemia etc. 


Priore documented complete remission of terminal tumors and infectious diseases in hundreds of laboratory animals. Unfortunately, this pioneering work was suppressed because of hostility of the oncology community, change in the French Government, lost of further funding and at the time the inability of the scientists to hypothesize the mechanism for the curative results.


Antoine Priore and his research team used a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas, and a pulsed 9.4 GHz wave modulated with a 17 MHz carrier frequency. The original Priore plasma tubes were heavy, expensive and labor intensive to construct. The original Priore technology used plasmas for mixing which is highly inefficient, with only 1% of its energy being emitted as longitudinal components. It had a low power density and the magnetically activated plasmas take up a large volume, the tube that Priore was using took up a large fraction of the building!


Note: The Plasma Health Theraphi avoids these issues and uses solid-state emitters/mixers at a fraction of the cost.

Robert Becker M.D.

Robert Otto Becker (May 31, 1923 − May 14, 2008) was a U.S. orthopedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology/electromedicine. He worked mainly as professor at Upstate Medical Center in State University of New York, Syracuse, and as Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, New York. Becker was known for his work in bioelectricity and leading the early opposition to high-voltage power lines. 

His 1985 book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, described his research into "our bioelectric selves. The first part of the book discusses regeneration, primarily in salamanders and frogs. Becker studied regeneration after lesions such as limb amputation, and hypothesized that electric fields played an important role in controlling the regeneration process. He mapped the electric potentials at various body parts during the regeneration, showing that the central part of the body normally was positive, and the limbs were negative. When a limb of a salamander or frog was amputated, the voltage at the cut (measured relative to the central part of the body) changed from about -10 mV (millivolts) to +20 mV or more the next day—a phenomenon called the current of injury. In a frog, the voltage would simply change to the normal negative level in four weeks or so, and no limb regeneration would take place. In a salamander, however, the voltage would during the first two weeks change from the +20 mV to -30 mV, and then normalize (to -10 mV) during the next two weeks—and the limb would be regenerated.

Becker then found that regeneration could be improved by applying electricity at the wound when there was a negative potential outside the amputation stub. He also found that bone has piezoelectric properties which would cause an application of force to generate a healing current, which stimulated growth at stress locations in accordance with Wolff's law.

In another part of the book Becker described potentials and magnetic fields in the nervous system, taking into account external influences like earth magnetism and solar winds. He measured the electrical properties along the skin surface, and concluded that at least the major parts of the acupuncture charts had an objective basis in reality.

In the last chapters of the book, Becker recounts his experiences as a member of an expert committee evaluating the physiological hazards of various electromagnetic pollutions. He presents research data which indicate that the deleterious effects are stronger than officially assumed. His contention is that the experts choosing the pollution limits are strongly influenced by the polluting industry.

In 1998 Becker filed a patent for an iontopheretic system for stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration (US 5814094 A).

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