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The following testimonials are from some of those who have experienced a Theraphi in South Africa to date:

Written Testimonials

My foray into what the Theraphi could do for me was based on pure scientific thought. I have spent many years unpacking much of Dan Winters scientific thought patterns and theories 

To experience the Theraphi was a culmination of many years of study . 

I was super sceptical. 

My first session of Theraphi was most surprising and interesting. 
Being an Anaesthesiologist, my skeptical mind was in overdrive . 

The truth of the matter is this:
At the time , I was experiencing exhaustion and heart arrhythmias. I was on treatment . 
During the session, I felt a tugging sensation in my anatomical heart area . Not unpleasant . This surprised me bc if anything needed healing , it was my heart both physically and emotionally. 

Immediately after , I was not sure what to make of it. 
However , over the next few days , I realized that I was more focused and together . My exhaustion subsided , my heart seemed to heal emotionally. What fascinated me , though , was the arrhythmias decreased to such an extent that I did not need the medication anymore ..

The heart arrhythmias were a direct result of undue stress way more than I thought I could handle ! 

In my opinion,The Theraphi is a powerful tool , the abilities of which go way beyond Stress Relief. 
My feeling is that this the model of a future healing modality . 
My personal belief in the Theraphi is so great that I have invested in one for my Chronic Pain Clinic 

Dr Kantha Gareeb

Specialist Anaesthesiologist Critical Care Physician Pain Physician

"Hi, my name is Shelley and I have been involved in the Health Industry for over 30 years. I have not been this excited about a Healing Modality in all this time. The Theraphi is based on advanced yet also ancient wisdom, working on multiple levels of healing. It's like a huge adaptogen, helping the body to heal where it needs to. When I have been on the machine, I always feel such a sense of calm, during and  after treatment. It somehow just gives you the strength to deal with everyday situations in a positive way. General feelings of harmony and yet being totally energised. Sleep is also improved and although I am blessed not to be in any pain, I can really believe that it would benefit people who are. The bottom line is that it is a 3 min treatment that has overall benefits that we can't begin to understand."

Shelley Holmes


"As a theraphi operator, I have had to suspend all I thought I knew about health. I suggest anyone using theraphi do the same. We are conditioned to believe that we need xyz - when disease sets in-we look outside for healing. The reality is - our bodies are self-healing to a large degree…..restoring balance comes naturally…..what gets in the way…stress, emotions, anything chemical/synthetic……the theraphi not only restores vitality/voltage to unhappy cells….it helped me to release bottled up emotions and destructive habits. It is not so much emotions that trip us up, as it is our inability to let go - long-term disease always has emotional link - theraphi sessions can be like going to the bottom of a pond and stirring - if a user is able to combine intent/fpcus with the theraphi field - it brings about clearing of the pond and results that can be nothing short of miraculous. In my personal experience: giving up coffee over-night without any struggle or tiredness/moodiness, tooth abscess cleared, clearing physical depression, hydrating skin, increased energy levels, feeling and movement restored to a ‘dead toe’, feeling lighter, and more able to take life in stride. Other results reported: giving up smoking, healing of various injuries much much faster - from rotator cuff to ligaments, improvements in: posture, hearing, sinus, severe calcified arthritis, general aches and pains, tinnitus, back pain, mental clarity, trauma release, finding life purpose, relaxation. Also dying mint cuttings shooting roots over night. Our conditioning is such that we do not question disease - because we can see and feel the discomfort - but we tend to complicate healing because we cannot yet see and feel it… we think and are told how severe the disease/injury is…what is possible, what is needed and how long it will take…..if we suspend what is needed and possible in the physical field - anything is possible in the quantum cellular level and it can be instant when the force opposite to all imbalance is applied."


Rawganics, Knysna

"I have been doing Theraphi sessions for 3 weeks and I have witnessed the fastest cell renewal rate ever seen. I work with alpha and beta hydroxic peels and the Theraphi exceeds that by far. I would assume that there is no skin damage, only an acceleration of new cells, not only outside, but also inside the body. I am hoping to heal quite an extreme case of leaky gut, which has already improved noticeably. 
My fine lines and wrinkles disappeared. Also the colour of my blood has changed, indicating detoxification on a deep level. The Theraphi definitely works on an emotional level as well, I have more energy and I feel positive with less effort."

J Conradie


Feedback from Dr Siobhan Wilcox: 7 November 2016, After 8 Sessions in 3 days

What was my experience in the Theraphi?
On my first session I felt the left side of my body 'wobble'. There was a mild sensation of pulling in the scar on my neck. When lying on my stomach for the last 3 sessions - I felt an aching sensation in my sacro iliac joints. 
After the sessions I have a fair amount of popping and crackling in my ears.


Why did I come for treatment on the Theraphi?
MVA in 1994 - resulted in a whiplash injury. Aggravated by playing under water hockey. 
MRI 2010 - Disc herniation in cervical spine. C4/5 - more on the right than on the left. Disc herniation also at C5/6. Never really been a problem until about a month ago - numbness and tingling and a sensation of cold in the ulnar distribution of the right forearm and 5th digit. Aggravated by work; sitting and driving.


What would I tell my friends about the Theraphi / noticable changes; results; experiences?
It was amazing!! I have no symptoms (mild awareness of my neck while working) but otherwise good. My pelvis has no more discomfort - it also feels more stable - almost as if an incorrect motor pattern has been changed. My energy levels are much better. Ears and sinuses are clearer. Stress is more manageable.

How would I value the Theraphi sessions?
Enormous - it is allowing me to continue to work instead of forced rest - which I may have had to do in order to allow for some healing to happen. The remote sessions I believe are going to be fantastic too - The more my body can heal itself on an ongoing basis the more likely I am to be able to work symptom free too."

Dr Siobhan Wilcox, Chiropractor


"The main result for me after 2 weeks has been deep peace. I was focusing on stress reduction and have definitely achieved that - beyond what I could imagine. Most sessions for me result in a kind of zen-like bliss/peace. I've had one session where I experienced ecstatic bliss. I'm not sure what the difference was in that one. Looking forward to another one. I've also had major pulses in my cranio-sacral fluid movement - particularly strong ones in my sacrum and behind my neck. That pulse flowing has been releasing much tension in my muscles (probably from years of exercise as well as stress). It feels like my whole body is re-aligning. My breathing also seems deeper."

Claire Janisch

Dargle, KZN

"After a month of sessions i have noticed a marked difference in myself in my body and in my psyche. Despite getting unsettled restless sleep (we have a 12 month old who shares our bed) i have more energy and clearer thoughts.I feel more centred, calmer and in a state of bliss. In the past cold damp weather sent my body into shock and i experienced significant pain and discomfort. This last cold snap however hardly affected my body...or my mental state. I await more exciting results in the coming weeks and months!"

Brie Frost

Dargle, KZN

"Paul and Dan, I cannot express in words the magnitude of gratitude and deep love I have for you both for creating this awesome device, the Theraphi, which afforded me the space to change my reality and heal my body. I incurred a severe head injury three years ago, having my skull cracked in two places and 3 cracked vertebrae, have lived with a permanent headache until last week Saturday, when I received my first session, which we did at sunset that day, which was 17h34 on that Saturday, on 25v for 3 mins. I had prepared my mind for weeks, waiting impatiently for the arrival of my miracle, 
The device, to be headache free. When the field started up I focussed on perfect health After 3 mins, I felt rather numb,yet buzzing kind of, like electri-Phi-ed and extremely joyous. I was headache free and still am. My miracle happened! I'm Pain free & I'm Eternally grateful to you both."   "After 60 days I am still pain free. I feel younger and stronger every day. I'm a whole being again. Can even stand on one leg at a time - my balance is much improved."

Hilton Patmore

Byrne Valley, KZN

"I have to start with THANK YOU Dan Winter and Paul Harris for the gift of this magical technology ....even after having followed the theory with Claire Janisch it was still nothing short of a miraculous experience to have a more or less septic arthritic hip improve about 60% in the first 3 minutes ....it is still improving and I have been pain free for the first time in 4 years....not to mention the happy bubble....the future of humanity is suddenly looking so bright."

Karin Robichon

Dargle, KZN Midlands

"For me, it has had a notable effect on stress, blood pressure and muscle pains fatigue. The treatment has also been beneficial to my rowing training. I have been rowing for 50 years. Since I have had regular Theraphi treatments I am able to perform at a higher physical level and have no muscle fatigue or other pain symptoms during or after. I used to have regular muscle fatigue after rowing sessions, so this is significant, especially since I am in my 70s. The energy of the plasma tubes is palpable. It is deeply satisfying and creates a feeling of bliss. In particular the Theraphi creates a strong gravitational field which makes my limbs and facial muscles feel pleasantly heavy leading to total muscular relaxation. The overall experience is one of total bliss."

Bernard Janisch

Dargle, KZN

"I’m feeling the session strongly today. Woke up without shoulder pain for the first time in a couple of months.  Also feeling inspired to try a few other therapies today whereas I felt a bit stuck with it before. The therapy is VERY interesting as if feels like there is an entity at work.  I’m very keen to support this healing tool."

Simon Tzu

Cape Town, South Africa

"My son is calm, relaxed and happy. He definitely starts the day on a better note. He's less anxious and happy to go to school. It helps many people with different problems. You come out with a happy feeling."


KZN Midlands

"Absolutely fantastic! Fortunate to have dedicated time to really relax, clear my mind and rest my body. The bliss feeling is spectacular. A must for everyone. This machine has been a great find for me. Everyone should have one. It gives you dedicated time to relax your body and mind. I feel I have more energy and better sleeping patterns - deep sleep. "

Ian Rayner

Dargle, KZN

"I experience deep relaxation, peace and happiness. It is a bliss machine - you lie between two big glass tubes of light and feel a current going through you and it feels like its putting you back into a perfect state of bliss. I have noticed more focused brain function, more dreams and better quality dreams, better hydrated skin, feeling happy and tranquil."

Cassie Janisch

Dargle, KZN

"It feels like electric tingles on my legs and fingers. After sessions, pain definitely gone. Don't feel tired as before. Body not as stiff as before. I come for Theraphi every day, even Sunday."

Ben Nxumalo

Dargle, KZN

"I feel pulsing movement and electricity moving when lying inside Theraphi. It makes me feel strong again. Pain in legs gone. I move easy. I am able to bend again."

Margaret, age 58

Lions River, KZN

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